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Eggfresh Sliding Drawer


An amazing tool to keep an organized fridge!

A reusable drawer container, easy to use, ventilated on the sides, keep eggs fresh, buy your egg clips now, you will reduce the space in the refrigerator and make eggs easier to enjoy.


Large Capacity: can store up to 18 eggs at a time, and the storage box has a sturdy lid that allows you to stack without worrying about eggs being damaged.

Space-Saving: The 32cm*21cm*7.8cm egg carton design makes it suitable for most standard refrigerators, making perfect use of every portion of kitchen space.

Easy To Use: drawer type design, pull smoothly, can play dust and moisture-proof.

Storage For Longer Time: come with a fresh mark table to remind you of the freshness of eggs, plus the design of an air hole, box body on both sides of the hollow, prevent the eggs from heat deterioration.

Safety and Health: made of high-quality PP plastic, the long grooves fit the shape of the egg to avoid the egg rolling collision and broken.


Material: PP

Features: Covered, one layer can store 18 eggs

Function: Organize

Applicable scene: living room, dining room, kitchen, drawer

Scope of application: egg storage, avoid collision

Product size: 32*21*7.8cm

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Package Include (s):

1 x Eggfresh™ Sliding Drawer

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