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ZenFlip - Finger Flipper Fidget

ZenFlip - Finger Flipper Fidget

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Do you often find it difficult to focus? Our Nova Flippo can help!
It creates a fascinating action that is fun, addictive, and relaxing, so it's perfect for anyone experiencing attention problems, anxiety, or boredom.

It allows you to spare a bit of time to get away from the daily rush and to refocus by keeping your hands busy and your mind focused on finding new tricks to flip ZenFlip.


 Bring a sense of wonder to your desktop

 Take a moment of the daily rush! 

 Get creative and explore new tricks

 Keep your mind sharp and your hands busy

 Just raise one side of the table or any other flat surface, and let it scroll all the way down, the fun is endless!


  • Stop in between the motion - A trick that requires perfect timing and reaction. You can catch the in the vertical position using your finger or palm.
  • Throw it in the air- This trick requires quick hand movement because you need to get below the it to be able to throw it up.
  • Reverse the flip - Catch it in the perfect timing and give it a tip in a reverse direction. The most important thing here is the correct power of the reverse push.
  • Spin it - You can spin it vertically or horizontally. Precise finger position when launching is the key to a successful spin.


  • Material: Metal
  • Size: 4 x 4cm
  • Weight: 25g


  • 1 x ZenFlip - Finger Flipper Fidget
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Have a Question?


How heavy is ZenFlip

The aluminum versions weigh about 25g.

Are there any performance differences between the gold, black and silver version?

For all the tricks performed on a flat surface both of these versions perform equally and they both flip about the same distance.

Is the metal rustproof?

Yes. As long as you dont deliberately soak it in water itll stay the same.